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Explanation of the Color Attribute

Diamonds come in many colors. Diamonds that range from colorless to light yellow and brown fall within the normal color range. Within that range, colorless diamonds are the most rare, so they’re the most valuable. They set the standard for grading and pricing other diamonds in the normal color range. LEARN MORE from the Gemological Institute of America

COLORLESS: (D-F) The grades at which a diamond is considered colorless are D, E, and F. Stones in this category are rarer and more expensive.

NEAR COLORLESS: (G-I) Diamonds in this category are commonly used in fine jewelry. In this color range, G or H stones are similar to the color of glass, or a deep clear white. “I” colored stones faced up from their top sides are extremely white, but from the point side up are slightly less so.

OFF WHITE OR FAINT TINT: (J-K) When mounted in a piece of jewelry, diamonds in this category appear much whiter. These colors are often misrepresented as “H”. “J” and “K” colored diamonds will show faint tints comparable to white wine or ginger ale on ice when they are shown loose and point side up on a white piece of paper.

VERY LIGHT YELLOW: (L-N) This color range may resemble those of light corn oils.

LIGHT YELLOW: (O-S) and YELLOW: (T-Z) Obvious yellow tints may be seen in these diamonds. These stones may resemble heavier

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