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The Ultimate Guide to Swiss Watches

Discover the brilliance and craftsmanship of a true Swiss watch. Read Now!

A timepiece says a lot about a man—and a Swiss watch makes its very own style statement. Swiss watches are legendary in the world of accessories, and it’s a true status symbol when worn on the wrist. Dating back to the 1500s, Swiss-made timepieces have long been the symbol of perfection.

With a storied history, timeless tradition, and polished, sleek design, Swiss watches are the perfect piece to add to any man’s wardrobe. But beyond their exquisiteness and their prestige, why would one want to own Swiss watches? Allow Safa Jewelers of New Jersey, an authorized retailer of many special Swiss timepieces, to explain.

What Makes Swiss Watches Something Special

Swiss watchmaking began in the 16th century—and the Swiss invented the craft from scratch. Ever since, Swiss watches have built a storied heritage. Above all else, Swiss designs have been at the forefront of the watch industry since the creation of the very first timepiece.

A Swiss watch is meant to be unique and one-of-a-kind. Their inner movement and mechanisms are unlike any other brands or types of watchmaking in the world; their reputation is unmatched and undeniable. Inside every Swiss-made timepiece are a series of intricate mechanical movements, more than 100 different parts (all of which are assembled by an individual watchmaker’s hand), and special materials like precious metals, gemstones, and alloys. 

The Benefit of Swiss Craftsmanship

A Swiss watch is one of the world’s finest timepieces. Their craftsmanship sets a standard that cannot be attained by imitators and competitors; Swiss timepieces are the ultimate in timekeeping quality and design. It was Swiss watchmaking that moved timepieces forward throughout history, remaining high in quality and accuracy.

When you’re considering Swiss watches, look at the specific craftsmanship of each brand. Brands like Baume and Mercier and Oris offer impeccable timekeeping accuracy with traditional elements. However, brands like Raymond Weil and Tissot Watches design more modern watches that utilize the same internal mechanisms as all other Swiss watches. These incredible timepieces now combine traditional practices with innovative technology, highlighting how beautiful such a balancing act can be.

Why Swiss Watches are Worth Their Price Tags

If you’re considering buying your first Swiss watch, you should expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,000 for an authentic timepiece.

Because Swiss watches are specially made and carefully innovated, they are true treasures. Each one is made by hand following the specific steps outlined by the Swiss tradition, and each one is designed to be a work of art.

First-time watch buyers should shop for a watch that’s timeless—the more you wear and enjoy your Swiss-made timepiece, the more you’ll understand its value. Consider options like the styles by Tissot Watches and Citizen for your very first classic timepiece.

Explore Swiss Watches Today at Safa Jewelers

To add a Swiss timepiece to your collection, you’ll want to see the vast variety offered at Safa Jewelers in New Jersey. Add flair, panache, and serious class with a stunning Swiss watch and you’ll find yourself hooked. To learn more about the latest Swiss watches available at Safa Jewelers, visit our showroom in person, reach out via phone at 732-205-1350, or send an email to info@safajewelers.com


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