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Ring Settings For Every Engagement and Wedding

Find the dream setting for your dream relationship, from solitaire to three-stone.

Engagement rings can come in a variety of style and types, depending on your preference. From simple solitaire rings to more complex cluster ring settings, there’s a setting style for any person. While the star of the show may be the center diamond of your engagement ring, a ring setting can showcase a diamond in a plethora of ways. Here are the most popular engagement ring settings to help you choose the best one.

(Pictured above Solitaire HOF Engagement Ring)

Solitaire Setting

This classic setting typically features only one center stone. The stone is typically set on prongs or bezels to secure it firmly. These metal pins or claws can come in four, six, or even eight prong versions. The more prongs, the more secure your stone will be, but can reduce stone visibility. Without side stones, this type of setting enables the stone to get the maximum amount of light.

(Pictured Above HOF Signature Bezel Basket Engagement Ring with side diamonds in Bezel setting)

Bezel Setting

A bezel setting is another popular and timeless choice to set your precious diamond. The bezel setting features a thin strip of metal that can wrap fully or partially around the stone. A full bezel setting is more secure than a partial bezel setting, but a partial bezel setting enables to stone to catch more light.

(Pictured Above the Illustrious Three Stone Engagement Ring from Hearts on Fire)

Three-Stone Setting

The three-stone setting features one center stone and two side stones of varying sizes. Other variations can include as many side stones as you’d like. These settings provide a brighter and more radiant ring than classic solitaires, however the addition of the side stones also run the risk of distracting from the center diamond.

(Pictured Above the Euphoria Custom Halo Engagement Ring from Hearts on Fire)

Halo Setting

A halo setting includes a concentric circle of diamonds surrounding the center stone. This setting can make a center diamond appear much larger than it really is. A double halo can add even more sparkle, adding another layer of shimmering diamond. Halo settings even give you the opportunity to add colorful gemstones to circle your stone.

(Pictured Above the Eterne Milgrain Wedding Band from Hearts on Fire)

Channel Setting

A channel setting holds stones inside a groove or channel inside the ring’s band. The center stone rests on a bezel or prong settings, but some channel setting rings can even come without a center stone. Similar to pavé settings, the stones are secured with a thin metal strip.

(Pictured Above the Lorelei Floral Diamond Wedding Band from Hearts on Fire)

Pavé Setting

A pavé setting comes from the French word for “paved.” In this setting, stones are held together inside holes in the ring. Droplets of metal in between diamonds hold stones in place, but small prongs can also be used. Micro-pavé setting variations feature smaller stones than pavé settings. This type of setting is adored for the lack of gaps between stones giving the illusion of a ring made entirely of diamonds.

If you’re in search of the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, contact Safa Jewelers at (732) 205-1350 or email them at info@safajewelers.com. Safa Jewelers provides the New York City, Philadelphia, Connecticut, and New Jersey area residents with premier service and a lineup of designers that make the best luxury jewelry and timepieces. We specialize in some of today’s hottest designers and even offer great 0% Financing options. 


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