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How to Extend the Life of Your Luxury Timepiece

Even though you may often think of your luxury timepiece as one of the most reliable things you own, a watch still needs proper care and maintenance in order to perform at its best. Keep reading to learn 6 tips to help you keep your timepiece running like new.

How to Extend the Life of Your Luxury Timepiece

For many, watches are dependable tools that continue to work with little care or maintenance; this couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter what kind of timepiece you own, whether it is a leather strapped Jazzmaster Auto by Hamilton or a metal band T-Classic watch from Tissot, there are certain things you can do to extend the life of your watch and extend its reliability for as long as possible.

Continue reading to learn how you can ensure your watch holds up for many years to come.

Some Basics

For starters, how you care for your watch will vary depending on the kind of watch you have. For example, a leather band Globemaster from Omega is going to have different maintenance needs than a metal band Constellation from the same designer. One of the most important things to look out for is the kind of strap on the watch. For instance, a leather strap is going to shred, stink, or even break if constantly wet and dried. Fortunately, these leather straps are relatively easy to replace.

Metal straps are even more susceptible to the damages of water. Usually, metal strap watches can come in gold and silver, and after exposure to water can rust. However, unlike leather straps, metal straps can be cleaned with a damp cloth, meaning you’ll more than likely not need to purchase a replacement strap.

Some Things to Avoid

As mentioned before, water is one of the greatest dangers to a watch strap. However, a well-made watch will more than likely be at least reasonably resistant to water. This means splashes or exposure to a shallow water depth will not spell the end of your watch. That being said, unless your watch is designed to go underwater, it is in your best interest that you take the watch off if you know it might get wet.

While most watches may be designed to be shock resistant, they can still be damaged as a result of electric shock and magnetic forces. For instance, if you wear your watch while sleeping under an electric blanket, you can risk causing irreparable damage to your favored timepiece.

Luxury watches at Safa Jewelers

Extreme temperatures also pose a danger to watches. Hot weather can dramatically cut the lifespan of a watch’s battery, and can even warp any intricate designs on the case or the dial. Extreme cold can also damage your watch by forcing it out of sync, losing time, and more importantly, impairing the overall reliability of your watch. Almost every watch is threatened by extreme temperatures, no matter if you’re purchasing a watch from Citizen or Gucci.

A Healthy Amount of Maintenance

Watches are typically worn every day, all day. As a result, our watches are more than likely to get scratched and banged up over time. More often than not, damages to a watch can be avoided by taking them off before performing rigorous activities that could put your watch in danger.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always available to us. For this reason, it is helpful to have a watch specialist help you replace the face, repair the inner mechanics, or simply service the watch whenever necessary. Having a skilled watch specialist on hand when you need them can indeed make the difference in maintaining the accuracy and dependability of your watch.

Seeking Watch Repair from Safa Jewelers

If you're looking for quality watch repair, Safa Jewelers may be precisely what you need. Based out of the Menlo Park Mall in Edison, New Jersey, Safa Jewelers has a wealth of experience in repairing and servicing timepieces of all kinds. Safa also provides fine jewelry, diamond engagement rings and bridal jewelry, as well as professional jewelry services for the surrounding areas of Monmouth County, Middlesex County, and Staten Island.

So whether you’re looking to purchase a new timepiece or want to find a dazzling engagement ring for your significant other, Safa Jewelers can guide you along every step of the way and help you make the perfect pick.


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