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Diamond Cut Shape Guide

Find the perfect diamond shape that will take your engagement ring to the next level.

Buying a loose diamond can seem like an intimidating proposition with all of the criteria you need to take into consideration. Besides determining the quality of stone you want according to the color and clarity, you also have to decide what size carat weight you can afford, and what is the most desirable cut of diamond for your specific piece of jewelry. If you think of a diamond as an investment as well as a keepsake, it makes sense to purchase the highest quality color and clarity you can afford for the carat weight. But that still leaves you with the mystery of what cut of diamond to buy. Never fear – we’re here to help take the confusion out of the diamond selection process with our helpful diamond cut guide.

Round Brilliant

With its fifty-eight individual facets, it’s no wonder the round brilliant diamond is the most popular cut of diamond in the United States. So versatile is the round brilliant that it can be found in everything from pendant necklaces to earrings to bracelets in fine fashion jewelry, and in practically every style of diamond engagement ring such as the solitaire, halo, three stone and side stone. A wonderful aspect of the round brilliant is that whether you have a multi-carat stunner or a quarter carat sparkler, because of its perfect cut, it dazzles the eye no matter its size. The one caveat to the round brilliant is that it can be the most expensive cut for its size due to the labor involved in cutting it perfectly round and the amount of diamond lost during the cutting process.

Princess Cut

Fairly new to the diamond scene, the princess cut has only been around since the 1980s. It didn’t take long for this new cut of diamond to take its place right behind the round brilliant as consumers’ second favorite, though. Admirers of the princess cut diamond favor its clean lines, modern square shape and signature brilliance. You typically see princess cut diamonds set as the focal stone in engagement rings in order to let the fire and beauty take center stage. Unlike a round brilliant, less of the original diamond is lost in the cutting so a princess cut diamond will be less expensive than its round brilliant counterpart of similar size, even if its weight is greater.

Cushion Cut

Originating in the 18th century, the cushion cut is one of the oldest cuts of diamonds which was in wide use before techniques were invented to cut a diamond perfectly round. Named for its likeness to a pillow, the cushion cut is a favorite among those who love the look for vintage jewelry. With its soft edges and large facets, it can achieve a similar brilliance as a round.

Radiant Cut

A modern update to the cushion cut, the radiant cut can be difficult to distinguish until you know what to look for. Although they are similar in shape, the radiant cut has cropped cuts rather than soft corners, giving it a more rectangular shape. Radiant cut diamonds are a perfect hybrid of a traditional round cut and an elegant emerald cut, resulting in a square or rectangular shape with a whopping seventy facets, thus living up to its name.

Oval Cut

With a slightly longer silhouette than a round brilliant, the oval cut has the advantage of appearing larger than other diamond cuts of the same weight. The elongated shape also makes the wearer’s finger appear longer and more slender, and since it’s just longer than a round, it also boasts the same fire and brilliance.

Emerald Cut

With its signature “hall of mirrors” effect, the emerald cut diamond was originally invented to show off the incredible depth of color of green emeralds, but eventually became a popular shape for diamonds as well. Fans of the emerald cut love it for its rectangular shape which elongates the finger and makes a glamorous focal point.

For expert advice deciding which diamond cut is right for your piece of jewelry and your budget, trust the diamond experts at Safa Jewelry to guide you through the purchase process. Safa Jewelers is committed to giving its Edison, New Jersey customers a warm, welcoming, and stress-free shopping experience, so you have all the time you need to select the keepsake or gift that’s right for you. Conveniently located in Menlo Park Mall in Edison, New Jersey, Safa Jewelers proudly serves the greater Edison, Monmouth County, Middlesex County and Staten Island area with their impressive inventory of diamond engagement rings, fashion jewelry, and Swiss quality watches. 


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